Dibé be iiná is a Navajo name for Sheep is Life

Our traditional Churro sheep here in Pinon

Our sheep have been in our family for over 3 generations. We continue to keep our sheep, our traditional herding, our language, and our culture for our future generations.

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Tsa Hozho Jewlery

Tsa Hozho means sage beauty. Sage Beauty is a brand that uses... 

  • Yarn and Wool

    Our collection of Yarn and Wool that we collect from our Sheep

    Yarn and Wool Shop 
  • About Our Family and our Sheep

    Joe and Carol Benally have continued the Navajo Churro breed started by Joe's grandfather. These sheep will be passed down to their daughter Elizabeth and to her children, who all help us raise and protect our sheep. This breed is important because it is bred for it's wool and lean meat. The sheep can survive under very harsh conditions of drought and sparse vegetation. When there is enought vegetation by rain, the sheep forage with the help of two sheepdogs. We breed them for their wool quality and colors. Navajo Churro wool is a long fiber, five to eight inches long, which makes this wool very strong and durable for Navajo rugs. We like to control the coarse, kemp that only breeding can control. Every spring we are excited to shear and then take our wool to a mill. We love seeing our wool spun and enjoy selling them to you to make beautiful weaving, knitting or crocheting!

  • Tsa Hozho Jewlery

    Unique Handmade Navajo Jewlery, made by Shandiin Sage Benally. Her jewelry is valued because it is made with genuine turquoise, rare spiny oyster, genuine coral and mother of pearl, strung in a traditional waxed linen cord.

    Tsa Hozho Jewlery 
  • Carol Benally oil paintings


    Carol has been painting Dinetah for over 35 years. From our home in Pinon she discovers and paints oil landscapes in all directions of the Four Sacred Navajo Mountains. Please take a look at her website and galleries. Her cards of her paintngs are for sale on this website.